Kerala is famous for its monuments and forts of different architectural style and design. It had been the hub of much political activity in the past and has witnessed the influx of various foreign powers, which settled down in various parts of the state. Kerala's rich historical and cultural past makes the state an enchanting place to visit.  The imposing forts such as the St.Angelo's Fort, Bekal Fort, Palakkad Fort built by the colonial powers that had been in Kerala speak volumes about the foreign influence on architecture.  In regions like Fort Kochi, the architecture is a curious mix of typical Kerala, European, Chinese, Jewish and Arabic styles. But the most prevalent architectural style is the traditional Kerala style-nalukkettu or ettukettu that is four or eight sided structures with a centre courtyard and veranda opening out to it. The low sloping roofs and brick walls were designed to match the climatic condition of the land.

The people of the state have preserved their past not only in the form of history books but also in the form of monuments and palaces. Places, palaces and institutions of historic value are being preserved conscientiously. As you travel through Kerala you will surely be marvelled by the exquisite architecture manifested in palatial mansions and monuments. Hanging around the ruins of dilapidated forts, temples would help you splash deep into the rich past of the state.