museums and palaces

Kerala’s monuments speak about the rich history and tradition of the region and the influence of various foreign cultures over the life of the local people. These treasures are well preserved in palaces, museums, churches, temples and synagogues of Kerala. The museums have some very good collections of archeological artifacts, some of which date back to the Stone Age. The palaces and museums of Kerala have an exotic collection of ancient murals. The monuments in Kerala fascinate visitors and take them back in time to the exquisite palaces of the Kings and Queens of the bygone era. A number of museums in the state showcase the various aspects of the civilisation such as the social, cultural, literary and artistic development. These museums are not only noted for the exhibits on display but also the architecture and the designing of the very buildings are parts of their allure.

Kerala's rich historical heritage is pretty much evident from the number of forts and palaces Kerala has. Many a number of empires and rulers have ruled here and thus, there are plenty of forts and palaces which speak volumes about the glorious past. The palaces of Kerala are replete with wood work and panelling.  The most important palaces in Kerala are the Padmanabhapuram Palace(at present in Kanyakumari District), the Dutch palace at Mattancheri, and Krishnapuram Palace near Kayamkulam. Till the end of the 18th century, the Padmanabhapuram Palace was the seat of Royal Authority.  The gabled roofs and the carved wooden pillars clearly reveal the beauty of Kerala Architecture.