traditional crafts

Kerala handloom industry plays a vital role in contributing to the state's economy as well as in the field of employment. A large number of looms are located in rural areas and the major source of employment is through these looms. The rhythm of handloom can be heard in almost every village in Kerala. There are men and women weavers for whom weaving is a way of life.

Coirs are made out of the fibres of the husk from coconut trees. These are processed and then woven to make beautiful articles or even packaging materials, boards and mats. Tourists flock to the processing centres to witness the processing of coirs.



Kerala Saris

Kerala Saris are a symbol of Kerala culture and tradition. Kerala saris are carefully hand-woven in the looms of traditional weavers in Kerala. The sari measures 5.5 ms in length and there is an attached blouse piece with it. It is available in various styles, that is with broad jerry border and pallu, design works in whole body, combination of jerry and colour, assorted colours and different designs or colour patterns.

Dothi and Mundum Neriyathum

Dothi and Mundum Neriyathum are the traditional dresses of Kerala. Carefully handwoven dress materials come in 80-100 counts. It is available in different colours, borders in jerry alone, a combination of jerry and colour and colour alone are the patterns available.


Full jubbahs with high neck, jubbah and pyjama set for kids, and short kurthas for youngsters are a popular product. Kurthas made in Khadi material are available in different colours. White kurthas are made in pure cotton. Short kurthas are available in light colours such as white, light blue, rose and yellow.

Coir Products

Coir Carpets

Bride carpets can be made in round or oval shapes by interlocking flat bride layers together. Available in a variety of colour combinations. Coir Mourzouks and Coir Carpets are different from Matting, in that the weft forms the surface. The special weaving enables production of intricate designs and presents a heavy-wearing material. Woven by highly skilled craftsmen, these mats are extremely durable and have a compact brush. The mats come in a range of colours, intricate design and pile heights. The designs give clarity.

Rod Mats

Rod mats generally have higher pile than creel mats. Mats are classified as Vycome Rod or Beach Rod, based on the yarn used and are available in natural, stencilled, mottled and inlaid designs. Made on handlooms or power looms from either Vycome yarn of uniform colour or from Beach yarn of an irregular brown shade. The low pile mats can be made in a two-chain structure or a stronger three-chain structure. Available in natural, coloured designs stencilled and bevelled and also in woven jasper, mottled and stripe patterns.