performing arts of kerala

Kerala is well known for its diverse forms of ritual and performing arts. The various communities in Kerala contribute to its rich and colourful culture. The religious and social history contributes in the origin of these arts and thus makes them a part of the social life of the people in Kerala. There are many a number of performing art forms in Kerala which include the Classical Art Forms, the Folk Art Forms, the Martial Art Forms and the Music of Kerala. The performing and ritual arts of Kerala are very much a part of the religious Festivals and social events such as marriages, childbirth etc. Kerala's performing arts are a feast to the eyes of tourists. These arts of Kerala are vibrant, and performed immaculately to the accompaniment of vocal and instrumental music, captivating viewers with an ethereal experience. Artistes perform these with the requisite paraphernalia make watching them worth. The attire, roves and facial expressions of the artistes are a sumptuous treat for eyes. The arts and crafts of Kerala from the oldest Sanskrit theatre – Koodiyattam, the classical dance form - Kathakali, the rustic Theyyam, or the unique martial art form - Kalarippayattu, all tend to leave viewers spellbound with a never-ending fascination. Kerala is known worldwide for its performing art form Kathakali. Kathakali is an enchanting mix of dance, drama and music that has been revered by connoisseurs of the art world as a total art form of immense sophistication and power. Some of the other well-known arts of Kerala include Mohiniyattam, Kalaripayattu, Chakyar Koothu, Theyyam, Ottam Thullal, Chavittunadakam and Theeyattu. The classical and ritual arts of Kerala have always been patronized by the rulers, from the erstwhile kings who ruled the state to the later democratic governments.